7 thoughts on “Afrodites Fire Walk

  1. heard about you on the internet from daughter. I send greetings from a jam scene in Brooklyn New york. Mission : To skype jam to Ukraine

  2. great sound. Very european.. very hot here now!!!

    Also great website. You young people can do anything!!!

    I am very proud to have found you

  3. cool. yeah . I learned a new word today which I think applys to this. Glocal.
    It means like a community of interest…. made possible by the internet.
    lets skype!

    I play weekly at abar 4 locks from the Barkley center in Brooklyn, and three blocks from the site of the Extinct Brooklyn Fox

    1. of course let’s Skype ;-). I’m not at home now. Resting ’till august. I will be at home august 2. My skype name: slprecords

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