Psycho Null

Lyrics – Alexey Suslikov. Music, arrangement, programming, guitars, vocals and mastering by Vyacheslav Lavrynenko. Recorded in 2012. Remastered in 2013.

All teachers told me you should learn from early times when I was born. However after that I’m not complaining. Come closer, girls, I’m only playing. My mother kept home stuff in line and papa worked like Alkaline. However after that there’s no more diapers. Thankfully, Lord, I’m only dreaming. Forever tired boss like bruised one convinced that I have a ton of time. However after that I’m nearby fifty. Yours truly, gents, I’m only tripping. (RF) I feel my groove! Back to school. An easy move I would suggest: No pain in chest, No fear, no rest. I spent my best with mutuality. My new reality – Long jump in time. Is like a crime, They loudly said. Come, help me dad. I can’t be cool – My brain is full! I’m psycho null. * Much better sex, a perfect tasty lips. Another decent choice without any tips. However after that do I exist or doomed To conform with omnipresent rules.

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