Subconscious Mind

Music, lyrics, programming, arrangements, guitars, vocals and mastering by Vyacheslav Lavrynenko. Recorded in 2012. Additional guitar parts recorded in 2013. Remastered in 2013.

You! Stop! Relax! There isn’t any border. It’s just another day, not more than this. I know, you always keep your thoughts in order, even if you’re going someone to kiss. What you feel right now? Out of reality? The Fellow traveller? Echoes of your breath? I’m just an echo, echo in your destiny, In this invisible concern of a sudden death. I don’t want to be your enemy forever, I’m just an echo, subconscious mind… I’m not disturbing your imagination. Let me sit behind you for a while. And the short dream will be finished in the morning. With the little wave in the glass of wine. I will be in every short idea. I know all your secrets and regrets. Just memorize! Put down in your pocket. I’m just an echo, subconscious mind…

5 thoughts on “Subconscious Mind

  1. Благодаря твоей теме провёл чудный вечер воспоминаний о товарище Курте нашем Хауенштайне (Kurt Hauenstein, Supermax) – !


  2. Thanx a lot for welcome! …though I’d never left!

    “We’re programmed to receive…you can check out any time you like – but you can never leave!”

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