Recall Your Dream

Lyrics – Alexey Suslikov. Music, programming, arrangements, guitars, vocals and mastering by Vyacheslav Lavrynenko. Recorded in 2010.

It slowly comes to you, an understanding of a joy. It slowly comes to me, a words untold so long. Wake up, wake up – It’s time to go – My soul. It’s gonna be all right, a doubtful game will end. It’s gonna be this night! When all on your demand. Don’t stop, don’t stop – Come on, recall – Your dream. Do I expect too much from skies. Reality is now and heart awaken. Not taken to a room of dark my mind is clear, emotions empty. The one beloved by me the same as one which make me breathing. I am alive by feeling you inside. There is no pain and life’s easy. A place like ocean in your eyes beyond and top of all horizons. Like tender passion of your smile. Just tender passion of your smile. Do I expect too much from skies… An everything around keeps gentle touch of you. A colours and the sound, A moment I feel thru. Move on, move on – I dance with you. Don’t stop, don’t stop – I dance with you. Wake up, wake up – I dance with you – My love…

1 thought on “Recall Your Dream

  1. Когда-то тебя не будет, но эта песня останется… Сердце на нее откликается..

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