Hey Ya!

Lyrics – Lena Lenson. Music, programming, arrangements, guitars, vocals and mastering by Vyacheslav Lavrynenko. Recorded in 2007. Additional parts recorded in 2012. Remastered in 2012.

Dropping from the sky crazy stupid rain makes me think of you. Dream of your stunning skin and the smell of your silky body, body that will never be mine again. It does not wipe away all mistakes and pain, and every single drop hurts like an acid. And sting of offences that set us apart, me apart from you on this rainy day, damn rainy day. I want to take the swamp and drain the sky. I will make the sun shining on you! I’ll kindle back your love and we’ll forget what passed. Will you give me this chance? Will you hide me from rain? From this damn crazy rain in your loving and tender heart! I know that you are still there waiting for me, I want to believe that you’re still waiting for me!

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